KINeSYS; A True Community Brand. Our Aspirations for 2021 and Beyond

KINeSYS; A True Community Brand

For so many of us 2020 was a year of reflection. While the world stopped, and our futures seemed uncertain, we had a chance to contemplate the true value of what we do and why we do it. It was a time that brought KINeSYS into clear focus for us, and helped us define what makes our brand unique. 

Our mission is to develop innovative sun protection products that empower people to embrace the outdoors. This is how we play a role in creating a future free from skin cancer. 

We are a family owned brand who are passionate about our community. KINeSYS exists because we’re just like you. Parents, runners, skin cancer survivors, hikers, outdoor lovers. The athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who use our products are not just our customers, they are our community. 

As a brand we value authenticity, which is why our ambassadors are the face of KINeSYS. They are the champions of our brand; athletes, outdoor lovers, and busy families.

Real people with real stories, who all use and LOVE our products. The KINeSYS Champions have become such a valued and integral part of our community, which is why our ambassador program is once again expanding in 2021.

Our Owners - Lisa and Wade Heggie

The idea for KINeSYS was originally born in 1995 in response to the lack of quality sunscreen that met the needs of those who love being active and outdoors whilst being sun safe. KINeSYS, based in Vancouver Canada, built a loyal following over time, but a few years ago was in jeopardy of closing forever.

Enter Wade and Lisa Heggie. Their own past experiences with skin cancers led them on a quest to find an effective skin protection for their children and themselves. Their search ended with the proven formula of KINeSYS — better than any other sunscreen they had tried in the past. Their love of the product led them to continue the business as a small family-owned venture.

“Growing up in Australia I thought I was invincible. As a result, I’ve had skin cancer as a young adult. In late 2014 Wade was also diagnosed with melanoma. In the years that followed, we researched countless sun protection products. Our search for the absolute best in sun protection has become more than a passion for us, it’s our purpose. KINeSYS is the sunscreen we wish we had growing up.” — Lisa Heggie

Our Aspirations for 2021 and Beyond

After 4 years of 100% focus on the business, 2020 made Lisa and Wade stop, reset and re-evaluate. Their personal goal for this year is to move more and they are both aiming for 2,021km of movement in 2021.

Inspired by those in our community such as KINeSYS Champions Polly Moody and Andrew Day, who are both working their way back from injury. Or Kate and Justin McDonald – who are on a 1500+ running day streak, 5km or more a day!

Our Champions, and our community, show what can be achieved, one day at a time, with focus and commitment. 

In 2021 the KINeSYS brand will be introducing a new look, and some exciting new initiatives and products, alongside the same products you know and love. 

We will continue to build a brand that resonates with our customers expectations.

Most importantly we are keeping our community and your skin health at the heart of what we do, as well as celebrating your achievements, and revelling in your adventures.

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