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What’s changed & what’s stayed the same?

To the hundreds of loyal KINeSYS customers who have been in contact; thank you for your patience!

We know KINeSYS has been hard to find lately, and for this we sincerely apologize.

This winter we took advantage of the traditional quiet season to bring you a fresh-looking KINeSYS, and update our back-end systems.

These changes were essential so we can perform our best and deliver leading-edge products and service to our customers. The results are amazing, but they took a little longer than we expected.For over 20 years our range of alcohol-free and preservative-free sunscreens have been loved by active individuals and families. Our products continue to deliver the same protection and while some are currently out of stock, they will be back shortly!

Staying active with KINeSYS is easy, but has changed.

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Thanks for your loyally and stay active!

The KINeSYS Team

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