KINeSYS Sunscreen Award Winning Sunscreen

Award Winning Sunscreen

Recent KINeSYS Sunscreen Accolades

For 25+ years some of the best industry publications have independently recognized KINeSYS Performance Sunscreens.

KINeSYS Washington Post

The Washington Post



SPF 30 Clear Zinc



Runners World Editors Choice

Runner's World USA

Editors' Choice

2018 - 2022

SPF 50 Fragrance Free



Women's Running Magazine

Women's Running USA


SPF 50 Fragrance Free


Allergic Living Sunscreen

Allergic Living

Allergy-Friendly Choice

2020 - 2022

SPF 50 Fragrance Free Sunscreen 

Best Sunscreen


SPF 30 Clear Zinc



AMR Gears Up Sunscreen

Another Mother Runner

Gears Up


SPF 30 Clear Zinc



As a family-owned business, we are honored that our small sunscreen brand continues to receive accolades, and importantly, find a new community of loyal customers who choose our products to protect their skin.