An important message for our wonderful community

An important message for our wonderful community

Unfortunately, this is not a usual SPF Blog where we talk sun protection or celebrate being active and outdoors. Instead it is to let you know of a price rise.

We know this isn’t great news, but like everyone else, we have been impacted by rising costs across our supply and service chain.

To put things in perspective, the cost of our raw materials increased more in late 2021 than in the 5 since we acquired KINeSYS.

We are committed to remaining Made in Canada. Everything from our iconic “K” shaped bottles, to our labels, packaging, and sunscreen is made in the greater Vancouver, Canada area. If a Canadian supplier doesn’t make a component, we purchase USA-made. Many suppliers have been with KINeSYS for 10+ years and are an integral part of how we can deliver you a consistently awesome and proudly Canadian Made product.

We are between a rock and a hard place.

We are not willing to sacrifice the quality of our product by using inferior ingredients, making our components offshore, or short-changing our suppliers.

As such, commencing 1 February 2022 the retail price of our Spray Sunscreen range will increase. We have been able to keep the price of SPF 30 Clear Zinc at 2021 prices and bundled products are available, under the Sale tab, offering multi-buy discounts.

We know that a price increase is never ideal and we genuinely hope you understand the position we are in.

As a small, family-owned business we are grateful that you choose KINeSYS Sunscreen to protect your skin.