Celebrating 25 years of KINeSYS. Proudly protecting athletes and outdoor enthusiasts

25 years of KINeSYS.  Protecting Athletes and Outdoor Enthusiasts

KINeSYS has been protecting athletes and outdoor enthusiasts for over 25 years! We are proud to be celebrating this milestone, and felt it would be a great opportunity to reminisce on the past, while welcoming a new era of KINeSYS.

New and improved look

After extensive community research KINeSYS has a new look, a reimagined brand story, and some exciting formulations in development. In short our brand is getting a makeover, a little spruce up after two and a half decades. We have even relaunched our website, and have a great offer available to celebrate! But never fear, the KINeSYS products you all love are here to stay… for another 25 years, at least. 

Our History

Based in Vancouver Canada, KINeSYS was founded in 1995 and built a loyal following over time, but a few years ago it was in jeopardy of closing forever. Enter Wade and Lisa Heggie. Their own past experiences with skin cancers led them on a quest to find an effective skin protection for their children and themselves. Their search ended with the proven formula of KINeSYS — better than any other sunscreen they had tried in the past.

KINeSYS Active Lisa and Wade Heggie
Their love of the product led them to continue the business as a small family-owned venture, who still proudly manufacture products and components in Vancouver Canada. Lisa and Wade are proud to be the current custodians of KINeSYS, they are excited to revive and refresh the brand, and continue to empower active people to get outdoors.
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Our Products

KINeSYS is recognised as the go-to sunscreen for many around the globe. We’re for the busy parents, the sporty types, the skin cancer survivors, and those with sensitive skin. Our products work for everybody, every day. 

Our community is truly at the heart of what we do, and has been a driving force for our brand. KINeSYS has always developed innovative products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of active outdoor people, providing the highest standards of sun protection however you perform

Our Name

KINeSYS was inspired by the Greek word kīnēsis, translating to ‘movement or activity’. Pronounced kin-ee-sys, it’s meaning aligned perfectly with our brand mission of protecting active people. 


Our Promise

In 2020 we spent lock-down researching what our loyal customers loved about KINeSYS. The consistent message, and one we heard again and again, is that KINeSYS is better than any other sunscreen they have tried. 

Our new tagline is the synthesis of what our community conveyed, it’s the reason we exist and our promise to you. At the end of the day, we make sunscreen - that is what we do and it’s what we are known for. The KINeSYS difference; we make one that is better. It applies better, feels better, and works better for the needs of our active community. 

Our Look

Over the last 25 years the KINeSYS look has evolved, while still honouring the original concept. The iconic bottle shape has remained the same since 2006, a stylised K shape that represents KINeSYS while being ergonomic to hold, and easily recognisable. 

There have been several variations of The KINeSYS logo since its inception in 1995, and we have given it another makeover “It’s our logo, just better”. Keeping the familiar elements of the logo, but with a cleaner, more modern appearance.

Our Website

We are ecstatic to announce we have relaunched the KINeSYS website! It’s a new clean and fresh look, with more colour and more information. Empowering our customers with the knowledge to stay protected outdoors is our mission, that’s why we have added more detail to our product pages. You can also delve into a treasure trove of knowledge at the SPF Blog, and head to ‘about us’ to learn all about KINeSYS and the community behind the brand.


Free Carabiner Offer

To celebrate 25 years of protecting active outdoor people we have a special offer for the KINeSYS community. Buy one of our Spray Sunscreens 4oz – 2 Pack Value Bundles, with a free carabiner, all for $39.99! (save between $7-$9) Click here to access the offer, available until 04/9/21.

Celebrating 25 years has brought our mission, purpose and vision into clear view. As we embark on the years ahead, exciting possibilities motivate us to grow and evolve. We are proud of the KINeSYS story, and very grateful for the community of incredible people that continually support our brand. 

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