How to stay Sun Safe This Spring Break

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Protect your skin this Spring Break

After record-breaking low temperatures this past winter, you’re probably excited to make the most of the upcoming spring break by taking a much-needed vacation. With all the excitement around planning a vacation for the family and shaking off the winter blues, sun safety is something that’s often overlooked. In this blog, we take a look at why it’s so important to stay sun safe this spring break, and how to keep the whole family safe from sun damage even when travelling.

Your skin burns more easily after winter indoors

Although your skin can be at risk of sun damage at any time of the year, if you’ve spent much of this winter cooped up inside (like many of us), your skin might be looking a little paler than usual. After a long break from the sun, your skin can burn more easily. So, be aware that spending even a little time outdoors during the spring can leave you at risk. Be sure to keep your whole family protected from the sun when heading on vacation this spring, no matter what activities you’ve got planned.

No tan is a good tan: The ‘base tan’ myth

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Although your skin can burn more quickly when it’s paler, this does not mean that getting a tan will protect you from sun damage. In fact, countless studies have found that a ‘base tan’ affords almost no protection from sun damage and skin cancer. Therefore, the safest and most effective way to protect exposed skin from sun damage is to wear an effective sunscreen.

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Know the UV levels for your destination

Many people mistakenly believe that you can determine how dangerous the sun’s rays are simply by checking the temperature or determining whether it’s sunny. The fact is, UV levels can’t be seen or felt – so the temperature or cloud cover has very little to do with your risk factor when it comes to sunburn and sun damage.

Before heading off to your vacation destination and spending some time outdoors, be sure to check the UV levels. Knowing the UV levels can help you to determine how quickly you’re likely to burn. The Sunburn Map will show you the maximum and hourly UV levels for any destination in the world, to help you avoid sunburn this spring.

kinesys sunscreen sunburn map

“The solar ultraviolet radiation level is different in different parts of the world. It depends on the season, time of day, cloudiness and ozone layer thickness. This website shows you the maximum and hourly UV index, maximum exposure time to avoid skin damage and protective measures you can take to reduce the adverse effects of radiation.”

– Sunburn Map

How to apply sunscreen properly

You’d be forgiven for forgetting what it’s like to apply sunscreen after such a long and cold winter!

With spring break quickly approaching, now’s the time to brush up on your knowledge of how to properly apply sunscreen to achieve the best sun protection:

How to apply spray sunscreen

  1. KINeSYS Spray Sunscreens need to be applied at least 20 minutes before heading out into the sun. (KINeSYS SPF 30 Clear Zinc mineral sunscreen, which is effective immediately after application.)
  2. Choose a sweat- and water-resistant sunscreen, so you’re protected no matter which activity you choose.
  3. Cover all exposed areas, making sure not to forget the ears and nose, back of the neck, arms, legs, hands and feet.
  4. Rub in your sunscreen properly. Our mineral sunscreen goes on white – making it easy to see where it’s been applied – and rubs in clear, leaving no oily residue.
  5. Re-apply after 80 minutes if you’ve been sweating or swimming, or after 2 hours otherwise.

If you’ve been toweling off after swimming, remember: Sunscreen is your last line of defense and will rub off by toweling as well as wash off in the water. The same goes for when you sweat. If you’ve been sweating during your activities and wiping the sweat away with your hands or a towel, you’ll be wiping away your protection. So, even after toweling your face or body dry after just a few minutes, be sure to reapply your sunscreen.

Other ways to stay sun safe this Spring Break

Sunscreen should be used to protect any exposed areas of your skin when you’re out and about in the sun (even if it’s overcast!), but it should by no means be your only precaution against sun damage. You should also be sure to give yourself the added protection of:

  • Wearing a hat
  • Taking an umbrella for the beach, playing golf, or taking a walk
  • Wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Wearing a swim shirt when in the water

Choose the best sunscreens for your activities

What’s the best sunscreen for travelling? Different outdoor activities mean different sunscreen requirements, so be sure to choose the appropriate sunscreen for your activity this spring break.

Active holidays

For activities like hiking, sightseeing, or simply spending time by the pool, we suggest using our spray sunscreens. These handy travel-size sunscreens come in 1oz packs which are easy to fit into your backpack, beach bag, or even your pocket. For the scent of summer on your next vacation, try our SPF 30 Mango Spray Sunscreen in the 1oz travel-size bottle, or the 4oz bottle for the whole family.

Water sports

If you’re planning on spending your spring break in the water doing things like diving, water skiing, swimming, snorkelling or other water sports, we’d suggest using a natural sunscreen like our SPF 30 Clear Zinc. This sunscreen is 100% natural, alcohol free and free of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, so it’s kind to sensitive skin, great for kids, and is safe for use in our waterways and reefs.


If you’ve got a mini-break or two planned this spring break, be sure to pack a sunscreen which is carry-on compliant. Our travel-sized sunscreens are great for your carry-on baggage, as is our handy 2oz jar of SPF 30 Clear Zinc.

Travel beauty hack

If you’re hoping to keep down your luggage size for your spring break, consider using one of our oil-free sunscreens as a combination product in your beauty bag.

Did you know that not only will your sunscreen protect your face from sun damage, but also works as a great primer for your makeup routine?

Try our oil-free SPF 30 Vanilla Green Tea Spray in the 1oz travel-sized pack. 


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Be sure to keep your whole family protected from the sun when heading on vacation this spring, no matter what activities you’ve got planned.

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