KINeSYS Protects Team Canada

KINeSYS Protects Team Canada

KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen is honored to keep the 450+ Team Canada Athletes and Officials covered while attending the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

As a Canadian company, with 20+ years producing performance sunscreen, the KINeSYS Team feel like we’ve won gold!

Formulated for active skin, KINeSYS is the best sport sunscreen for our Canadian athletes. Our clear sprays are non-greasy, quick drying, water resistant and let skin breathe.

Team Canada use SPF 50 Fragrance Free 30ml and SPF 30 Sun Protection Stick to keep them protected under the strong Aussie sun.

What are the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games involves more than 6,000 athletes, from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories, competing across 18 sports and seven para-sports.

Currently taking place on the Gold Coast, Australia (home of KINeSYS Australia), the Commonwealth Games were first held in Canada in 1978. Labelled the “Friendly Games”, the atmosphere maybe relaxed; but the competition is fierce.

Our multicultural KINeSYS Teams will proudly claim any Canadian, Australian, English and Northern Irish medals!