Launch of the Inaugural Team KINeSYS. Sponsored Athletes Who Inspire.

Launch of the Inaugural Team KINeSYS. Sponsored Athletes Who Inspire.

Welcome To The Team

When we decided to create Team KINeSYS, our inaugural sponsored coalition, we didn’t simply want elite athletes. We sought leaders in their sports, individuals who prize innovation, have an impeccable work ethic, and have overcome adversity. 

Did we want them to be successful athletes? Absolutely. But they also had to embody our values and model excellent sun protection. They needed to understand that KINeSYS makes sunscreen for everybody, every day, and that our products exist to support active lifestyles and to promote sun safety.

We are thrilled to announce our first sponsored athletes: Sarah Ansboury, Pickleball champion, coach, and educator; Dayne Gingrich, also a Pickleball champion, coach, and educator; and Jacky Hunt-Broersma, ultrarunner, amputee, coach, mother, and cancer survivor.

Each of these athletes used and endorsed KINeSYS before becoming part of Team KINeSYS. They’re deeply dedicated to sun protection while promoting active and outdoors lifestyles.

Both Sarah and Dayne have been involved in Pickleball since its early days and are driving the sport to new heights. Jacky recently completed 104 running marathons in 104 days, and she uses her platform to showcase the importance of showing up each day—in training and in life—even when it’s challenging.

Not only does this team encapsulate the tenacity and leadership we value, they are model community members who give back and mentor, sharing their lifelong lessons in person and through social media. Follow them for inspiration and skin protection tips.

Sarah Ansboury Team KINeSYS

Sarah Ansboury

Pickleball trailblazer Sarah Ansboury discovered the sport in 2014 and quickly became one of the winningest and most influential players on the professional pickleball circuit, earning gold medals in both Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles at the inaugural 2016 USAPA National Championships. Sarah also helps lead the evolution of pickleball as the Education Coordinator and Lead Clinician for the Professional Pickleball Registry. A fair-complexioned former tennis pro, she is currently the Director of Pickleball and Touring Pro for the Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Follow Sarah on Instagram and Facebook.

Dayne Gingrich

Dayne Gingrich

Strategist, coach, and Masters Pickleball Champion Dayne Gingrich understands that success comes not only from natural talent, but also a willingness to set big, often audacious goals and work tirelessly toward them. The effort will hurt at times, and therein lies the reward: When they step out of their comfort zone, athletes hone mental strength, build confidence, and exceed their expectations. Considered one of the top pickleball pros in the senior circuit, Dayne is a four-time national champion, three-time U.S. Open Champion, and has won more than 40 gold medals as a Senior Pro. Follow Dayne on Instagram and Facebook.

 Jacky Hunt-Broeresma Team KINeSYS

Jacky Hunt-Broersma, a.k.a. NC Runner Jacky

Ultrarunner, cancer survivor, endurance coach, mother, and amputee Jacky Hunt-Broersma recently ran 104 marathons in as many days, adding yet another triumph to her impressive list of accomplishments, which can be summed up by the mantra, “Do hard things.” Jacky began running only after she lost her leg to Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare cancer. Since completing her first 5K on a walking prosthetic in 2016, she has completed many long distance races and events,, from the Boston Marathon to running more than 200 miles for the Across the Years running festival. Jacky’s tenacity and dedication has inspired countless athletes. Follow Jacky on Instagram and Facebook.