New educational video series

KINeSYS Sports sunscreen educational videos


Ordinarily our team would be out connecting with retail partners and customers at events all over North America. However, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, these events have been cancelled, motivating the KINeSYS team to create a series of educational videos. 

 Our KINeSYS sports sunscreen is sold in specialty retail stores, primarily in the running and outdoor space. With our “shop small” ideology, the co-owners of KINeSYS use a grassroots relationship-approach to grow our 25 year old sunscreen brand, which can be found in 350+ stores across Canada and the US. With this approach our products are not found in mass-channel big box retailers, but instead within independent retailers. So with stores closed across the US and Canada, we've had to think about alternative ways we can connect with these independent specialized retail partners.  

“The team would normally be out on the road having conversations in-person at race events and trade shows, as well as in-store, so this was a great “outside the box” solution for us to create for future and current retailers.” says Melissa Haupt, Marketing Manager for KINeSYS Sunscreen. 

Our sunscreens are not available mass-channel in big box retailers, so we rely on the connections we have with small independently owned retailers. “Giving our current and potential retailers access to these educational videos keeps us top of mind and provides a solution for the owners and their teams, since they can’t see us in-person. We need to do whatever we can to continue the conversation and keep retailers in the loop during these unfamiliar times.” said Melissa.

As a small Canadian made sunscreen brand, we don't have the same resources as larger competitors, leaving us competing against large marketing budgets. “We did what we could with what we have. When you care about the retail space you’re in and the customers you serve, you tend to be resourceful. We don’t have a large budget to work with and with so many restrictions in place, it was a “make it work” moment for sure.” said Lisa Heggie, KINeSYS Co-Owner, about creating the videos. 

The educational series of videos is based upon using the frequently asked questions the KINeSYS account managers get asked when they’re on the road visiting stores or at events and trade shows. Including everything from how to use the product to how to pronounce KINeSYS. “These videos will not replace our face-to-face presence, but we felt would be a great intermediary solution until we can get back out on the road again.” said Melissa. 

As a way to keep connect to retailers in the space, KINeSYS also participated in Running Association's (RIA) KICK-On-Demand, a platform developed by RIA in response to COVID-19, which has limited the entire retail industry from "doing business as usual". "It sounds cliche, but pivoting during these times is what every business has to do. In order to serve our retailers and our consumers, we need to do whatever we can. RIA KICK-ON-Demand was a great solution for us." said Lisa.