Running Training Tips & Tricks

Running Training Tips & Tricks

Many KINeSYS Champions love getting outdoors for a run.  No matter the season or setting, they strap on their shoes, apply their KINeSYS Sunscreen, and set aside their excuses.

We asked our dedicated running Champions for their top tips and tricks for their running training regime and here were the top 5 tips.

Tip # 1 - Set Your Personal Goal(s)

Whether you are training to run your first 5km or ultramarathon, having a set goal in mind gives you some goal posts to aim for.

More importantly, knowing why it’s important that you hit this target helps motivate you to keep up your training pace.

“I always try and go back to my ‘WHY’. Why do I run, why do I exercise, why am I doing this? I also try and ask myself - have I ever, ever regretted going for a run after it’s done?” - Tina Lum

KINeSYS Champion Tina Lum

Tip # 2 - Plan it All Out

Have a set running schedule and stick to it!  Now that you have your why, you know why it’s important that you dedicate this time to your training.  Plan out the clothes that you’re going to wear, the food that is going to fuel you, and have it all ready ahead of time to remove any excuses.

“I have to plan everything. I am naturally someone who plans anyway, so this is not out of the ordinary for me. I plan for the next day each night. I always put my clothes out for the next morning’s training session. Run, bike, swim, gym, I will have my clothes out.” - Melissa Urie

KINeSYS Champion Melissa Urie

Tip # 3 - Have Fun on Your Run

Blast your favorite tunes or play a game with your pals while you’re on your run.  The saying holds true, ‘It doesn’t feel like work if you’re having fun.’  Changing your focus from run to fun will make your runs more enjoyable and the time fly by even faster.

“Have fun. If it becomes a chore, it's no longer fun.  Switch it up from time to time. Go run the trails or take a DIY city tour.” Dekel Chui

KINeSYS Champion Dekel Chui

Tip # 4 - Cruise with a Crew

Have a friend or a few to help hold you accountable on your runs.  Make plans to move instead of going to see a movie each week and bonus points if you can do tips 1 to 3 together!

“I created a run group ‘The clinic crew’ and started organizing informal runs. It was a way to socialize and connect with one another while doing what we love.” - Hufsa Mushtaq

KINeSYS Champion Hufsa Mushtaq

Tip #5 - Have an Attitude of Gratitude

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to run for fun.  We all want to live healthy, active lives, and that all starts with our mindset.  Take a moment at the start of each day or each run to think about something that you appreciate having in your life and take that positive mentality momentum out with you on your run.

“Each running/jogging/walking experience is unique and provides opportunities for awareness, appreciation, and/or performance data. Being open to what may enfold can be magical. At a recent 10K race, another runner and I realized we were running the same pace and from mile 2  to the finish line we shared many insightful thoughts and became friends. There is a wonderful synergy about being active and tapping into important values that adds to the ease of being grateful.” - Diane Groff

KINeSYS Champion Diane Groff

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