Tommy Caldwell & Kevin Jorgeson Partnership

Tommy Caldwell & Kevin Jorgeson Partnership

KINeSYS Partners with rock climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson in Australia

In 2019 KINeSYS proudly partnered with Adventure Entertainment for the first Australian tour of Tommy and Kevin live on stage.

Tommy and Kevin Live

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are not just two of the world’s best climbers, but two of the world’s best athletes and inspirational speakers.

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson Live

The ripple of excitement that ran through the Australian outdoor community during this tour was something truly special. Anyone who has seen The Dawn Wall documentary, which Tommy and Kevin star in, inevitably feels a huge sense of admiration and respect for the two. Not only because of the near impossible feat they achieved, but because they are both outstanding human beings. 

Tommy and Kevin Media Wall

The tour showed in six cities, with coinciding fringe events at local outdoor retailers, climbing gyms, and mountaineering clubs. Attending the Brisbane showing was an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere was electric! 

Tommy and Kevin Live Packed House

Adventure Entertainment, along with their partners, facilitated incredible events that allowed Tommy and Kevin to share behind the scenes of their story, and personally engage with many members of Australian outdoor community. The tour highlighted their individual dedication and resilience, mixed with a dynamic and rather amusing partnership. They are also two very down to earth guys, who, like so many of us, just happened to catch the climbing bug.

Climbers and the SunFor more information & photos click here to visit the Tommy & Kevin Facebook Page.Tommy and Kevin Live Mojo Stoke Crew

Climbers and the Sun

Travelling around Australia with the tour gave the KINeSYS team an opportunity to connect with climbing athletes and enthusiasts, to discuss the sun protection challenges they face. 

As climbers we love the outdoors, we are drawn to the mountains, to the path less travelled, and to the adventure which lies in problem solving through movement. Our endeavours leave us exposed to nature's forces; wind, rain, gravity...and sunlight. 

Mojo Stoke Best Sunscreen for Rock Climbers

Spending quality adventure time in the outdoors means we are particularly prone to sun damage, including sunburn, premature ageing, and even skin cancer. Though the consequences are not as immediate as many risks we face, protecting against sun damage is as important as our gear placement, anchor systems, and belay checks. 

Why is KINeSYS the best sunscreen for rock climbers?

Most sunscreens create a problem for climbers, and application antics of crags consequently include washing hands, alcohol rubs, latex gloves, and bribing fellow climbers to get their hands greasy. Though the risk of sun damage is apparent, grip is essential for performance and safety, unfortunately the residue from many types of sunscreens has a big impact on a climbers ability. Greasy hands affects friction; crimps, jams, gear placement, clipping, and rope management can all be affected by losing our grip.

The KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen range has been designed with outdoor athletes and enthusiast in mind. Over 20 years ago, KINeSYS began developing sunscreens which provided not only a high level of sun protection, but superior performance and comfort for climbers, cyclists, runners, skiers, and a wide range of athletes.

SPF 50 Fragrance Free Spray Best Sunscreen for Rock Climbing

The key is in the things that are not put in. KINeSYS non aerosol spray is an alcohol-free and oil-free sunscreen. They are designed to go on easily, absorb quickly, and leave no oily residue.

Try the 4oz or a handy 1oz sports-sized bottle, that is lightweight yet delivers 170+ sprays and multiple applications. It is perfect for keeping gear loads minimal, especially on day long multi-pitches. 

Conveniently hang using our new carabiner - fits both 4oz and 1oz sprays.

Oil-free sunscreen for rock climbers sunscreen carabinerMore reasons why KINeSYS is the best sunscreen for rock climbers;

  • UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection
  • No Greasy, Sticky Residue, won’t affect grip
  • Quick and easy application
  • Water & Sweat Resistant up to 80 Minutes
  • Oil-free sunscreen. No alcohol, parabens, PABAs, preservatives, colorants or Oxybenzone
  • Clear spray sunscreen dries quickly to a matte, silky finish
  • Won't run into eyes and sting
  • Vitamin E enriched nourishes the skin
  • Scent free and hypoallergenic formula is gentle on sensitive skin
  • Non-Comedogenic, ideal for oily skin

How can climbers protect themselves from sun damage?

Being connected with nature is part of being a climber, and our experience needs include an awareness of sun exposure. 

  1. UV levels are at their highest. Climbing exposed routes during these hours will greatly increase your chance of sun damage. When possible choose crags and routes that are shaded during peak UV times. Remember that 80% of UV passes through clouds, overcast does not equal shade.
  2. Use a high-performance, quality sunscreen designed with climbers in mind and re-apply every 2 hours (or every 80 minutes when sweating).
  3. Cover up where you can: wear clothing that protects your skin, the more you cover the better, and choose fabrics that are made from close-knit fibres with a high UPF rating. 
  4. Get regular skin checks: Don’t forget to head to your GP or local skin cancer specialist for regular skin checks, as picking up on any potentially dangerous skin spots early is incredibly important.

When you are preparing for your next climbing adventure, avoid sun safety crag antics, protect yourself with high-performance KINeSYS sunscreen. Keeping climbers protected and connected for over 20 years.

Explore the range.

Janelle Gow and Wendy Law Guest Blogger: Janelle Gow @mumsgoneclimbing / @mojostoke