Welcome to the 2024 KINeSYS Champions. Real people with real stories

KINeSYS Brand Ambassador Program

Meet our athletes & outdoor enthusiasts

The KINeSYS Champions Brand Ambassador program is in its sixth year, and we are very excited to announce an outstanding group of Champions for 2024.

In the last five years our hugely successful program has included many outstanding people. This year is no different. 

As a 
small, family-owned brand we value authenticity and respect those who are determined and daring. 

We've selected a small group of individuals who represent the diverse range of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts that make up the KINeSYS community. Everyone from pickleball competitors, runners, cyclists, paddlers, coaches and active parents.

KINeSYS really is about “However you perform” and our Champions truly do represent that ideal. 

Importantly, our Champions understand the need for sun safety and love using KINeSYS products.

Our Champions have become such a valued and integral part of our community, which is why we are so proud to introduce you all to the team of over 40 individuals who have been carefully selected for 2024.

They are true Champions of our small brand.

For inspiration from real people with real stories, read more about our 2024 Champions.

KINeSYS Brand Ambassadors