What is the best travel-size sunscreen?

best travel size sunscreen

Tips for choosing travel-size sunscreen.

It's no secret that sunscreen is effective in protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays. The problem arises in deciding which sunscreen to choose when you need to travel light. 

Using sunscreen and taking other sun protection precautions, such as wearing a hat, wearing protective clothing and avoiding sunlight in the middle of the day when UV rays are most intense, can reduce the risk of early aging, wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer. Even if you're indoors, chances are there of some UV rays heading for your skin.

The Australian, Canadian and American Colleges of Dermatology recommend using sunscreen when outdoors and choosing an oil-free sunscreen that protects the skin from sun damage without clogging pores.

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How do I select the best Travel-Size Sunscreen? 

The problem arises when you need to travel light. Carrying a large bottle of sunscreen isn't convenient or permitted as hand carry on and is going to get you held up at airport security every time. On the other hand, finding a perfectly-sized travel sunscreen can be difficult. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a KINeSYS Performance 1oz / 30ml travel-sized sunscreen that you can carry around everywhere, ensuring you always have some SPF within reach so you can reapply as necessary throughout the day.

KINeSYS Spray Sunscreens are:

  • Oil-free - You will get to renew your skin every time without clogging pores or adding extra shine/grease
  • Hypoallergenic – Our formula contains only high-quality, skin-friendly ingredients to provide highly-effective broad-spectrum UVA and UVB skin protection. It's safe for even the most sensitive skin types.
  • Light and fast-absorbing - Dry quickly to a matte finish, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth.
  • Doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy.
  • Easy to apply.

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 Additionally, our oil-free sunscreens are:

  • Suitable for face and body
  • Non-comedogenic - This weightless formula won't clog pores so potential pimples are no longer a valid excuse for going without sun protection.
  • Sweat and water resistant – Being water-resistant and sweat-proof, you don't have to worry about it running in your eyes when you're swimming or doing other activities.
  • Contains added Vitamin E - To nourish and protect the skin from environmental pollution and moisture loss.
  • In addition to being a high-quality formula, the travel size sunscreen is also PABA-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free and lightly scented.

KINeSYS travel-size sunscreenCombination Skincare Products for Travelling 

It's important to maintain your skin beauty routine when travelling, whilst looking your best. One of the best ways to do this while cutting down on the number of products and space they take up in your bag is by choosing "combination" products.

KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen double up as both a cosmetic primer and sunscreen. The easy to apply formula leaves a matte finish that is perfect to wear under or over makeup whilst maintaining good SPF protection.  

Flying with Sunscreen - Tips and Regulations 

It's our aim to pack light and that means travelling carry-on only. Carrying a large bottle of sunscreen isn't convenient or allowed. It is absolutely essential that you adhere to the 3-1-1 liquids rule whenever you're planning to travel with carry-on luggage.

TSA regulations 
The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has limitations on liquids in carry-on luggage. The 3-1-1 for carry-ons only allows individuals to bring a quart-sized, clear, zip-top bag of fluids including gels, creams, pastes etc. through the checkpoint. This is limited to 3.4 ounces/100 ml or less per item. Liquids in containers larger than 3.4 ounces can be transported only in checked luggage, even if the bottle or tube isn't completely full.

Considering that the restrictions on baggage for international flights are so strict, it's important to find the right balance between having all the necessities without paying for excess luggage on your next flight. The lack of planning and preparation by travelers slows down the line and leads to long and frustrating delays to get through security. Practicing 3-1-1 will ensure a fast and smooth checkpoint experience.

To help you fly through security checks, take advantage of our mini travel size KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen that allows you to minimize your luggage weight and space. It's also convenient and easy to stash in your bag, for on-the-go application, without worrying about accidental leaks or spills.

KINeSYS Spray Products / Weights and Dimensions

1 fluid oz

  • Compact 4.35 " x 1.44" and weighs 1.6oz
  • Delivers 170+ sprays
  • Broad spectrum SPF30/50
  • TSA compliant
  • Fits easily in a purse/school bag/ sports bag/running belt or cycling jersey.
  • Bag-free as it fits into a pocket for outdoor events like hiking, running, walking, etc.
  • Perfect for exercising /workouts as it easily fits in a pocket, running belt/vest, tennis/golf bag, and backpack.

4 fluid oz 

  • Dimensions of H6.44" x W2.50" and weighs 5.2 oz
  • 700+ sprays per bottle
  • Broad spectrum SPF30/50
  • Family-size– good for a week away

Remember to tighten the lid on all liquids as they may expand and leak when under pressure. Keep them in a zip lock bag and check to ensure it's secure.


How can Travel-Size Sunscreen benefit my Daily Routine? 

Our travel-size sunscreen isn't just for "travelling" as it's convenient for many more applications.

It's recommended to wear sunscreen on every occasion especially when you're spending time outdoors. Even on cloudy days when the sun doesn't seem to come out, sunscreen is still essential as 80% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate cloud coverage.

Whether you're headed out for a walk, run, heading off to work or college or catching up for brunch, incorporating a sunscreen you love into your daily routine is imperative to your skin's health.

Make sure you invest in our ready-to-go 1oz. spray sunscreen that can be used in the morning and then kept in your bag for touchups throughout the day.

Travel-Size Sunscreen for Exercise and Outdoor Activities

Active outdoor individuals often sacrifice skin health for performance. It's important to make sun protection a daily habit by following sun-safety precautions when working out, training, playing in the field or on the water.

Our compact 1oz spray sunscreen is incredibly easy to keep on you at all times. It easily fits into pockets, carry-on luggage, bags or your running belt and vest. If you spend a lot of time engaging in outdoor sports activities including running, walking, tennis, cycling swimming, snorkeling or being active in or on the water, you'll further love it for its water- and sweat-resistant ability.

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Great sunscreen for Outdoor Workers

With cases of skin cancer rising over 10% annually, safety for outdoor workers is becoming an issue of concern. In order to guard against skin cancer and fight the effects of premature aging, outdoor workers need to understand the importance of using a good quality sunscreen.

KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen provides long-wear, non-greasy broad-spectrum sun protection that guards against the sun's harmful rays and allows you to work hard without any slippery residue. The light-weight spray is small enough to fit in pocket or tool belt for easy reapplication throughout the day. For maximum protection, apply the sunscreen at least every 80 minutes, especially when sweating.

When packing for your next travel, picnic, work assignment or outdoor adventure, don't forget to bring this unique formula along to ensure you always stay protected while on-the-go. The oil-free, TSA-compliant  KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen is designed for full UV protection and is sized for maximum convenience.

Best Travel-Sized Sunscreen

When packing for your next travel, picnic, work assignment or outdoor adventure, don't forget to bring this unique formula along to ensure you always stay protected while on-the-go. The oil-free, TSA-compliant  KINeSYS Spray Sunscreen is designed for full UV protection and is sized for maximum convenience.

With KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen you are sure to have in your hands the best travel size sunscreen for your next travel or outdoor adventure.

Choose your new favorite travel sunscreen.