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PGA Champions Tour Players

What are the players on the PGA Champions Tour saying about KINeSYS performance sunscreens?

The PGA Senior Tour is composed of 45 total events and 38 official events with purses totaling nearly $59 million. In 2003, the Senior PGA Tour was officially renamed the Champions Tour. The Champions Tour includes some of the best players to ever swing a golf club. After years on tour and hundreds of thousands of hours on courses around the world, these guys really know their equipment. This is what they have to say about KINeSYS Performance Sunscreens.

"I prefer the spray. Both my caddie and I use it every round. Simple, not messy. Most important, it protects."
Gil Morgan

Bruce Fleisher
"Protection is the key. This product gives it - very convenient to keep in the bag and use."
Bruce Fleisher

"This product is the best and always available to us. Thank you."
Dana Quiqley

"I'm from Canada. I burn easily. This product protects me but doesn't mess up my hands or clubs."
Dave Barr

"My caddie just hands me this stuff and I put it on. It works. I use it at home in Scottsdale —best stuff I have ever used."
John Jacobs

"My wife and I use this all the time. It is the best."
Jim Ahern

"Living in Arizona, I know the need for your product. It works the best I have used."
Tom Purtzer

"My caddie just gives me this stuff, I don't usually check it out. All I know is it works, it's simple. Thanks."
Fuzzy Zoeller

"Best I've used."
Don Pooley

"I won't think of using anything but this."
Stewart Ginn

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"I've used this for several years. It works and is easy to use."
Dave Stockton

"Very simple, very good. The nose and ear stick is the greatest."
Allen Doyle

"It is so easy to use. It stays put and protects me."
Vicente Fernandez

"I am a stickler for quality, I test everything. If there is a better, more convenient product, I haven't found it yet."
Bruce Summerhays

"Being from Florida, I have tried them all, but this is the best."
Bob Duval

"It is so great to have an easy to use product that works. Everyone should use this."
James Mason

"I use the stick the most. But my sons who play tour golf and caddie for me love it!"
Larry Nelson

"All the greasy stuff I have tried and junked. I have fair skin and must use a block. This is the best I have used!"
Jack Spradlin

"When it's real hot I sweat a lot. It seems that I don't have to re-coat as much. It protects well."
Ed Dougherty

"I love the size and convenience. Doesn't leak in my bag. Great stuff!"
Gibby Gilbert

"So simple to use. It can't get on your hands or on your grips"
Walter Hull

Jerry McGee
"Best stuff we have ever had out here!"
Jerry McGee

"Believe it or not I use block in real hot weather and at home in Florida. This is the best."
Jim Thorpe

"I am a big guy, I sweat a lot. This stuff stays put, I haven't burned yet."
Ed Fiori

"Best stuff I have ever used."
Terry Mauney

PGA Tour Website: http://www.pgatour.com/